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A description of the Ruhr Area in North Rhine-Westphalia, named thus because of the meandering river Ruhr, would not be complete without mentioning Essen. After Cologne, Dortmund and Dusseldorf, Essen is the fourth largest city in the area and number nine in Germany. Other important cities of the Rhur-Area like Duisburg and Bochum are not far away either.

Even before Essen became one of the most important centres of the industrial revolution in the 19th century the city was an important provider of metal and weapons from the Middle Ages on.

Especially worth visiting for tourists are the Essen Cathedral and treasury, as well as the UNESCO Cultural Heritage site of the „Zeche Zollverein“ (Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex) and the impressive „Villa Hügel“ (Villa Hill) built by the Krupp-family. Nowadays this representative building is used as library, museum and concert hall. With the help of the accommodation service for Essen,, you will surely find a cheap private room nearby.

While steel production declined steadily since the 1970s, Essen continually increased its scope in cultural areas, founding a university in 1972, expanding the service sector of economy and catering to trade fairs with fairs like SPIEL (Game), YOU (Youth Convention) and Techno-Classica, the world’s largest show of classic cars. In 2010 Essen became the European Capital of Culture on behalf of the whole Ruhr area.

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Essen sightseeing

Essen Cathedral and treasury
First foundations for a church in the center of Essen date back to 845 and 870, the current building is relatively new, built as a reconstruction of the burnt down Ottonian cathedral in 1275.

Its appearance is not specially noteworthy, the treasury, however, is one of the most important ones in Germany because throughout the centuries only very few of the art works have been lost. Amongst the exhibits is the Golden Madonna, the oldest known statue of the Madonna north of the Alps.
Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex
No other city in the Ruhr are managed to adapt its no longer needed industrial buildings into the new millenium as completely as Essen. After mining stopped in 1986 (starting in 1851) the buildings were bought by North Rhine-Westphalia and restored as heritage sites. Since 2001 Zollverein is listed as a Cultural Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Meanwhile Zollverein changed into a cultural hub, offering a platform for many differrent areas of art: the former boiler house is the seat of NRW's Center of Design, various halls and rooms offer space for music performances, film and various exhibitions. The Visitor Center offers guided tours where former miners explain past and present of the Ruhr area.
Essen is home to a multitude of different theaters: It is home to the philharmonic orchestra of North Rhine-Westphalia, offers opera productions in the Aalto-Theater, and maintains a city theater with some associated smaller stages. Essen is home to the oldest private theater in NRW as well as to the oldest cinema in Germany with continuous history of projections, the Lichtburg (Castle of Light).

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Villa Hügel
Built in1873 by Alfred Krupp, the patriarch of the famous Krupp-family, the Villa Hügel remains one of the most important representative buildings in Essen. It contains 269 rooms and was home and workplace for up to 684 staff.

Apart from being part of the ThyssenKrupp Corporation the building serves as home to various exhibitions, houses the museum for the history of the Krupp family and company.

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